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Email: (Fastest way to reach me) please include a DETAILED email with your project.

TEXT- 724.777.5979 Leave me a DETAILED message.


Due to the busy rush please read the info below and make sure you follow it to ensure we get your project correct and on time. 

All orders will need to be emailed in this format for EACH decal (not paragraph form):

Type of decal (number, graphic, sponsor,ect)


Size (height by length)


All PREPAID orders are TOP PRIORITY!!! Proofs will be sent to those customers who have prepaid or made a deposit for an order only to ensure a timely turn around.


When placing an order, please have all your information together and neatly organized with what you need. Then email all the information to (We need a hard copy to refer to).. Include all the Following...

- Full name, Shipping address, phone number, and email address (proofs will be sent to the one listed).

- Payment method (Cash, money order, Check, or paypal* 4% paypal fee will be added on top of total order including shipping)

- Date Due

- Sponsors list, Special Thanks, ect 

- Color of the car, Colors you want to use, Design ideas.

 *** It is not considered an order until we have all your information and deposit ***

Turn Around time

There are many factors that will effect turn around time such as time of the year, art work approval (changes, ect), if we have to order special colors for you, ect.. Most reorders of the EXACT product will take less time then starting from scratch. Estimated times are from 1-5 days for reorders, and 3 days to 2 weeks plus+ on new orders pending the many factors above.. * Turn around time is approximate and may vary throughout the year! January-July are the busiest, so please order ahead of your due date.


Payment is due in FULL before production of the order and shipped. This is why we encourage customers to pay in full ahead of time, so there is less likely to be a delay due to not being paid in full, waiting on the payment,, shipping delays, meeting the due date, ect!!


Measurements need to be provided for EACH decal (length x width)..Every car is different in each unique way. If you do not provide measurements and something is too big or small, no refunds/exchanges will be given due to not being provided with the correct measurements.


Every order is supplied a proof (3 proofs max). If changes need to be made, please email the changes back ASAP.. Look over the proof carefully to make sure everything is correct spelling, size, colors, ect. Once you give the "OK" by email then production will begin. If something was wrong in the proof and you did not tell us, you still will be billed for that accordingly.Due to color limitations in design software, the colors in proofs may NOT be the exact color of the vinyl (they are used as a representation)  Example. Green may be fluorescent green, holographic green, green chrome,ect. For a true color please contact me and I can give you the MFG website or contact to request a sample color chart.  **Proofs are supplied only to CONFIRMED ORDERS, which means a deposite or payment in full as been received**


If you do not have a particular font(s) in mind to use, please use and email the font(s) you would like to use. If you don’t have any, then your leavening it up to us to pick them.

Since all decals are custom made, no exchanges or refunds are give,.. All sales final.

Shipping: Shipping is done USPS Ground (2-11 days) or Priority mail (2-3 days). WE encourage you to choose the best method to suit your time frame.